The Biz-Busiest Time Of The Year

I have made it to the week of Christmas and I hope you have, too. I’m a helper, I like to help people; I’ve got skills and ideas but I don’t always prioritise skills and ideas for my personal projects so I often feel burnt out right about now. Cue the tiny violins.

a magical flying sleigh would be ideal at this time of year

This year I signed up for Mel Jolly’s newsletter and it has been super helpful in prompting me to do some things and forego others. It’s helped me help myself and maybe you can use some help, too.

Take That Risk

What if you had a great idea but it was risky? What if you never saw it through? What if you did and it didn’t work out? What if you did, and it did, too?

Writing a book is like that for me, a great idea, but what if it stinks? What if it doesn’t? What if someone says well done for trying but your idea is actually terrible? That person might be jealous or sad that they haven’t been brave enough to see through any of their great ideas.


I had another idea, great or otherwise, for a Christmas tree. It was a “not tree”, an “alternative tree”.

Frankly, you could probably put twinkle lights on a dumpster and it would be pretty, but that’s not what we did. We made our own tree – for sure risky! But it is tall and decorated and beautiful, much like an idea that is encouraged to grow and given space to soar.

So take that risk! Because who knows what heretofore unknown beauty might result.

Testing The Blog

This is my very first post. I’ve written other blogs but this is the first for my author website. I suppose it’s a mini newsletter, my bitty blog, so bear with me.

I’ve been thinking about a writing retreat – don’t we all. They seem so lofty, so ideal, but what if they were free? Actually, some of them are. But I’ve thought of something else and I’m pursuing the idea of it right now, a pipedream in the pipeline, lol.

Timing is an issue for me since Husband travels sporadically, and if left too long to their own devices, the boys would starve to death in front of respective devices. But maybe I can clear that hurdle, too, we’ll see.