Everything Is A Lot

Everything takes a long time and sometimes it takes a big toll. Cue the pandemic stories. I’m not sure if I’ve been on hiatus or just hiding, probably a bit of both, well, a lot of both. Big thumbs up to people who have kept on with their creative projects, side hustles, main gigs or literally anything during this time.

Things are starting to open up and look up, so I’m taking a breath and taking steps to pick up where I left off. Fingers crossed xoxo.

Published by mjlally2nd

Hi! My name is Micayla. I'm a wife and mother, a woman and an author, and I started my blog so I don't eat my feelings. I love hats and reading and writing - my first PUBLISHED NOVEL was released in May 2017 - and sometimes I sew my own clothes, because I enjoy hobbies that I don't really have time for.

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