Take That Risk

What if you had a great idea but it was risky? What if you never saw it through? What if you did and it didn’t work out? What if you did, and it did, too?

Writing a book is like that for me, a great idea, but what if it stinks? What if it doesn’t? What if someone says well done for trying but your idea is actually terrible? That person might be jealous or sad that they haven’t been brave enough to see through any of their great ideas.


I had another idea, great or otherwise, for a Christmas tree. It was a “not tree”, an “alternative tree”.

Frankly, you could probably put twinkle lights on a dumpster and it would be pretty, but that’s not what we did. We made our own tree – for sure risky! But it is tall and decorated and beautiful, much like an idea that is encouraged to grow and given space to soar.

So take that risk! Because who knows what heretofore unknown beauty might result.

Published by mjlally2nd

Hi! My name is Micayla. I'm a wife and mother, a woman and an author, and I started my blog so I don't eat my feelings. I love hats and reading and writing - my first PUBLISHED NOVEL was released in May 2017 - and sometimes I sew my own clothes, because I enjoy hobbies that I don't really have time for.

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