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This is my mini newsletter, my bitty blog, so bear with me.

I’ve been thinking about a writing retreat – don’t we all. They seem so lofty, so ideal, but what if they were free? Actually, some of them are. But I’ve thought of something else and I’m pursuing the idea of it right now, a pipedream in the pipeline, lol.

Timing is an issue for me since Husband travels sporadically, and if left too long to their own devices, the boys would starve to death in front of respective devices. But maybe I can clear that hurdle, too, we’ll see.

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Hi! My name is Micayla. I'm a wife and mother, a woman and an author, and I started my blog so I don't eat my feelings. I love hats and reading and writing - my first PUBLISHED NOVEL was released in May 2017 - and sometimes I sew my own clothes, because I enjoy hobbies that I don't really have time for.

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