Micayla Lally

Romantics should enjoy watching this feisty couple rediscover their love for each other, work through their differences, and start over again with their new baby.”    – Kirkus Review

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A Work Of Art has been called captivating, endlessly charming and “the chick-lit event of the year”.

Do you want to read an excerpt? The USA Today book blog, Happily Ever After, has an exclusive excerpt.

Letting go after her abrupt break-up with Samson is harder than Julene thought it would be, especially since her ex has wasted no time in burying himself in the local dating scene. But during an extended visit to her parents overseas, Julene rediscovers her love of art, and a burgeoning career develops. When Julene returns home to Australia, a coincidental meeting leads to an emotional reunion―but her love and patience will be tested when she finds out just how busy Samson has been in her absence.